Woodworking Utilities

Here is a collection of handy woodworking calculators and utilities for tasks such as: computing board feet, sizing drawer fronts, calculating shelf sag, determining the most appropriate woods for projects, and estimating wood shrinkage and moisture content.

Drawer Sizer
Computes graduated drawer sizes using three different sizing methods. Generates a nifty graphic and a list of drawer heights.

A simplified version of the Tabulator that only performs board foot calculations. (no materials list generation).

Computes equilibrium moisture content of wood given relative humidity and temperature.

Calculates shelf sag (deflection) given type of shelf material, shelf load, length, width, and thickness.

A calculator for estimating dimensional changes in wood, either shrinkage or expansion, based on changes in the wood’s moisture content.

A board foot calculator and lumber material list generator. Provides options for resawing, a waste factor, lumber costs, and customization of output results.

Wood Finish Selector
A screening tool that helps you choose the best clear finish for your woodworking projects. Finishes are ranked based on 14 different properties that you select.

Wood Picker
A screening tool that allows you to identify woods based on up to 10 different criteria such as weight, hardness, and strength. The easy way to find just the right wood for that special project.